Shafqat was falsely charged with kidnap and murder; and wrongfully convicted on the strength of one piece of evidence: a forced confession made after nine days of severe torture. Only 14, Shafqat was illegally detained, blindfolded, kept in solitary confinement, brutally beaten, electrocuted and burned with cigarette butts. The police told him they would continue torturing him until he agreed to “confess”; Shafqat said he would have admitted “that a deer was an elephant” by the time they were through.

Now, Shafqat may be executed any day. JPP filed Shafqat’s mercy petition with the office of the President of Pakistan on Saturday 20 December, 2014. A stay application has also been filed by JPP in the Sindh High Court.

Appeal from Reprieve: help save Shafqat Hussain from execution