Bomb in Yemen school bus strike was US-supplied – CNN


The bomb used by the Saudi-led coalition in a devastating attack on a school bus in Yemen was sold as part of a US State Department-sanctioned arms deal with Saudi Arabia, munitions experts told CNN.

Working with local Yemeni journalists and munitions experts, CNN has established that the weapon that left dozens of children dead on August 9 was a 500-pound (227 kilogram) laser-guided MK 82 bomb made by Lockheed Martin, one of the top US defense contractors.



Saudi Arabia: Prestigious private hospital has not paid its staff since May, and refuses to return the workers’ passports and allow them to leave unless they sign a document saying that they have been paid in full. The international staff has united and is on strike despite labor unions/protests being banned in the country.

Saudi and foreign workers unite to strike over unpaid wages | Middle East Eye