During the past month of demonstrations along the border between Gaza and Israel, at least 17 Palestinians have suffered gunshot wounds that ultimately cost them their legs, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza.

In at least three of the cases, Israeli authorities rejected the transfer of wounded Gazans to the West Bank, where they could receive medical care that might have saved their limbs, according to lawyers and one of the patients’ families.

Palestinian soccer player Mohammed Khalil was filming himself at the “March of Return” protests in Gaza when he was shot and wounded in both legs on March 30.

“IDF troops act according to clear rules of engagement that are tailored to the scenarios they are contending with,” a spokesman for the Israel Defense Forces said. The spokesman declined to detail those rules but said live fire is a last resort.

In that case, the “tailoring” of the “rules of engagement” is grossly fucked up.

Scores of Palestinians have been shot in their legs, and some face amputation


The questions Oz asks seem valid, and the vast majority of (Jewish) Israelis apparently think they are. He also says the IDF actions are “excessive” and is in favor of ending the blockade. It seems equally valid that some Gazans consider launching rockets at Israel an appropriate response to the silent but crippling violence of the blockade.

Disproportionate action and collective punishment have long been Israel’s MO against Palestinians. Support of an IDF offensive with the qualification that it be of an appropriate intensity would likely be considered naive, particularly with someone like Netanyahu in charge, if it came from someone other than the thoughtful, realistic “peacenik.” I am not sure what to make of it.

The calculus of showing Gazans the consequences of electing Hamas is probably at work. Oz does allude to it in how he distinguishes the outcome in West Bank of the agreement with Abbas that he recommends. It would make Gazans “jealous,” he says.

Amos Oz: ‘Lose-lose situation for Israel’