Execution date set again for Shafqat Hussain.



The Pakistani government put Shafqat on the newly created list of “terrorists” to be executed to show it was getting tough following the Peshawar school attack last year. Not only is he not a “terrorist,” his  confession was extracted through torture when he was 14. He has already spent a decade in prison as a result of a questionable investigation and a flawed conviction.

I came across this in January and signed the petition to stay his execution, which apparently succeeded. An inquiry was to be launched to scrutinize the investigation. Apparently things have gone sideways with the inquiry and the government is once again eager to kill him despite the failure of a proper inquiry.

Makes me think that someone with influence (or someone close to such a person) is responsible for the murder that he was convicted of, and they want the related proceedings to be wrapped up quickly, which will happen if he is executed.

If you’d like to help stop Shafqat’s execution, go here:
… and enter your name and email address in order to send a letter to Pakistan President Mamnoon Hussain. This worked last time, hopefully it will this time as well.

Execution date set again for Shafqat Hussain.