can we talk about cyntoia brown for a moment though

cyntoia brown is a girl who is serving life in prison after being wrongly tried as an adult at the age of 16.

she was forced into sex work by her abusive boyfriend, and was picked up by a 43 year old johnny allen on a street corner. she then impulsively shot him out of fear, not intending to kill him, when he started acting threatening towards her. she was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder during her trial as a result of severe abuse over many years.

johnny allen was committing a sex crime against an underage mentally ill girl forced into sex work against her will. cyntoia brown committed manslaughter out of self defense at the age of 16 and is now in jail for life after being tried as an adult for first degree murder.

please reblog this, and sign this petition, because seriously not enough people know about this.

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