Jared Kushner And Trump Family Have Given Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars To Democrats

Kushner, who is under fire for meeting a Kremlin-linked Russian banker in December, has almost exclusively given his political donations to Democrats. Kushner has contributed $134,700 to federal candidates’ campaigns, and outside of $3,000 that an 18-year-old Kushner donated to Rudy Giuliani’s aborted 2000 Senate bid, none of that money went to Republicans, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. But $10,400 of it did go to Cory Booker’s 2014 Senate campaign. Kushner also gave to New York Sens. Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer, as well as New Jersey senator Robert Menendez before 2004.

Kushner also gave money at the state-level to candidates in his home state of New Jersey. According to New Jersey campaign finance filings, Kushner gave $44,400 to politicians and political committees in the state since 2002, all of it to Democrats. Booker’s campaign received the largest donation, a $20,000 campaign contribution to Booker and allied politicians when Booker was running for reelection as mayor of Newark in 2009. Kushner also donated $17,000 to the New Jersey Democratic Committee in 2001.

Jared Kushner And Trump Family Have Given Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars To Democrats

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