Yesterday, I wrote a post that apparently angered some people in the #PoliceLivesMatter hashtag on Twitter. (An archived version of my post is here.) So one of them decided to start “reporting everyone,” overwhelmingly Black people judging by their Twitter stream, who speak up against police brutality in what they feel is too militantly a way, to the FBI.

My white privilege is that I can laugh at this instead of feeling terrified by it.


If you want to do a small thing that’s helpful and you have a Twitter account, then report @ElenaElena8585 as a spam account. Do not interact with this account in any way (it invalidates your spam report). Just block the account and report it as spam when you do. If enough people do this quickly enough, the account will get shut down. I’ve already done this on a bunch of my alternative accounts.

Thanks, and please signal boost.

(The photo in this post is a screenshot of the tweet to @FBI, and there’s also an embed directly from Twitter so we can see if the account is still live.)

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