First Yemeni Detainee Released from Gitmo in Years | Center for Constitutional Rights

Mr. Alhag was the subject of prior resettlement efforts that failed for no fault of his own. Cleared for release unanimously by all relevant government agencies, his transfer was delayed for years as the U.S. inexplicably opposed his release in court. The U.S. finally transferred him on the eve of new litigation by the Center for Constitutional Rights challenging his continued indefinite detention based on or because of his Yemeni citizenship. Such arbitrary detention violates U.S. and international law, including the Geneva Conventions, which the U.S. is obligated to uphold.

Of the 143 men who remain at Guantánamo, 84 are from Yemen. Of those, 54 Yemenis are currently approved for transfer. CCR attorneys say they should not be held because of perceived instability in their home country.

First Yemeni Detainee Released from Gitmo in Years | Center for Constitutional Rights

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