I just wrote a review for Satisfaction

“Pretty, white folks thrashing about looking for meaning in their pretty, beige lives…

The first episode brings home the good fortune that plagues a handsome, white guy even after he has a public meltdown that goes viral. What’s a fair dude gotta do to chuck it all and be zen like da Buddha? No one will just let him slum like he wants to. By the end of the episode he is saddled with not just more status and respect but also, apparently, more time to spend with his telegenic family in their upscale cage of a home. You just know you’re gonna wanna see what follows because you can feast on all the gloss and fantasize about shopping for the meaning to go with all the prettiness you have to live with.”

The marriage of investment banker Neil Truman and his wife, Grace, has grown stagnant through the years, a fact driven home for Neil when he discovers that his wife is involved with a male escort. After gaining possession of the escorts phone, he learns what his wife thinks of him and what is motivating her to stray while she contemplates whether their marriage is worth saving or if it is time to move on. The drama series looks to answer the question of what to do when having it all is not enough.

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